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This license is for Small Businesses ONLY.  It is not intended for large business enterprises or re-distribution of my products, as-is.  My copyright remain in-tact, This licence is not a transfer of my copyright, but a license to use my products only as described in this document.

YOU MAY Use these products in your scrapbooking and/or design business, scrap for hire, photography, cardmaking, crafting, webdesign, or other small business venture to the extent listed below:

*You may use the products incorporated into your own designs to create scrapkits, but my products as-is may not be resold as a stand alone product.  You may not make brushes, rub-ons, or similar product from my product without significant alteration and include the item in a kit as-is for redistribution.  For example: You can not simply use one of my CU element graphics and make brush without alterations and resell it.  It would be fine to use one of my element graphics, recolored, distressed, made into a sticker, etc.  Be creative.  Customers don’t like to see the same items everywhere!

*You may create custom greeting cards, candy wrappers, layouts, scrap for hire layouts, invitations, professional photography prints or digital photos and other printed/digital materials for your customers provided they are fiished pieces or flatened artwork  that has been derived from the original graphics.  This means that you may sell items that are printed or digitaly made from or with these graphics but you may not sell a download or cd that contains the graphic in it’s original form.

*You may create free samples of your work with these products, as long as these samples are a result of your  creative process not simply a redistribution of my product, as in the first example given.

*You may use these graphics in your web design projects providing that proper credit is given on the website (graphics by Kara Jones or k-joi studios)  All website design must be for family friendly websites only.

*Any questions for other useage not answered here may be addressed by emailing me at k.joi.studios at gmail dot com 

You may NOT claim these products as your own.
You may NOT use these products to create commercial use products for sale.
You may not print or have printed any of the original graphics, papers or kit pieces to sell.  You can not sell the graphics as-is, in any form, what so ever.

I hope that you find my products useful and fun to work with.  
If you ever find that they do not meet your expectations in quality or are not as described, please email me and I will fix them, replace them or refund the purchase price.  I want you to be satisfied. 


Thank you for reading this document and for abiding by my terms of use.